Description of Services

SGRE assumes the accommodation, catering and transfer from/to the airport during the making up leaves of all the personnel put at the Client’s disposal. SGRE will put at the disposal of the Client highly qualified personnel to carry out the tasks that would be assigned to him. The positions list mentioned below is not limited; the Client can add or reduce the number of positions.

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    • - Field Superintendent   - Rig Manager
      - Night Pusher   - Day Pusher
      - Chief Mechanic   - Chief Electrician
      - Assistant Mechanic  - Assistant Electrician
      - Derrickman   - Floor hand
      - Roustabout   - Cleaner   - Warehouse man
      - Truck pusher   - Truck Driver
      - Crane Operator   - Forklift Operator
      - Doctors   - Safety man   - Radio Operator
      All related administrative & Support personnel (Admin, IT, Maintenance, base helpers...)..

Scope of Services

SGRE shall render services which cover the entire recruitment process starting from the initial screening and interview up to the point of manpower delivery, (after client approval). SGRE selection system is a stringent process with several elimination points. The procedure is meant to ensure that only qualified top quality workers will be provided to the client.

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    • SGRE recruits qualified personnel in accordance with the client’s hiring criteria. The initial pool of personnel requested by the client will be drawn from files of SGRE applicants previously selected and ready for placement. This manpower bank is comprised of SGRE reserves that are available on call to meet the requirements of the client. Should these reserves be insufficient to meet the required number of the client, SGRE places advertisements in leading newspapers of national circulation depending on the arrangement with the client. Supporting the list of recommended employees is a personnel file. Presentation containing information relevant to each applicant which includes the following:
      Work experience, employment history & colored photo, comprehensive CV containing detailed educational background
      Photocopy of applicable license
      Certifications and references.

      Considering the sensitive nature of client business services, SGRE’s selection procedure includes a complete medical examination. This comprehensive examination covers full chest x-ray, stool, urine and other laboratory analysis including blood tests, AIDS test, Hepatitis and other physical and dental examinations and other tests as required by the country of work or the client.

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        • 3. FINAL SELECTION
          Should an applicant pass the series of tests, SGRE conducts a final interview with each applicant prior to submission of and recommendation employment to the client. After client approval SGRE begins processing the necessary documents of the workers with the following agencies:
          Department of Labor and Employment.
          Department of Foreign Affairs/Passport Division.
          Embassy of Foreign Principal
          Travel arrangements such as ticketing and plane booking for the workers a well as departure proceedings at the airport will be made by SGRE in coordination with the client’s preferred of booking schedules unless a deal is made by the Client.
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            • 5. ORIENTATION
              SGRE conducts an orientation program for all its recruits before departure from Algeria. The orientation covers basic information in the country of destination, code of conduct and behavior, employment terms and conditions and other pertinent data. The orientation program is designed to make the worker adapt more easily to the existing customs and traditions of the country of deployment and the prevailing conditions in the work place. This will have the end-result of making the worker immediately productive.